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PetitionTitleSort AscendingStatusParagraph#
20478A Call for Peace MarchPlenary AdoptedNew
20269A Covenant to Care: AIDS in USAPlenary Adopted3241
20908AC Committee on Hispanic/Latino MinistriesPlenary Adopted¶600
20361Appeals for The AdvancePlenary Adopted¶822
20272Asian American Language Ministry PlanPlenary AdoptedNon-Disc
20870Border Ministry in the Western JurisdictionPlenary AdoptedNew
20435Bringing Justice to Gatumba GenocidePlenary AdoptedNew
20776Conditional DonationsPlenary Adopted¶1305
20214Cooperative MinistryPlenary Adopted3105
20039Deaconess and Home MissionerPlenary Adopted¶1314
20040Deaconess and Home MissionerPlenary Adopted¶1316
20041Deaconess and Home MissionerPlenary Adopted¶1317
20038Deaconess and Home MissionerPlenary Adopted¶1314
20035Deaconess and Home MissionerPlenary Referred¶1314
20036Deaconess and Home MissionerPlenary Adopted¶1314
20037Deaconess and Home MissionerPlenary Adopted¶1314
20635Deaconess RestrictionCommittee
Not Supported
20650Delete ResolutionPlenary Adopted3395
20210DeletionPlenary Adopted6049
20211DeletionPlenary Adopted6070
20208DeletionPlenary Adopted3412
20206DeletionPlenary Adopted3102
20207DeletionPlenary Adopted3103
20831Doctrine of DiscoveryPlenary AdoptedNew
20443East TurkistanPlenary AdoptedNew
20905Encounter with Christ in Latin America and the CaribbeanPlenary Adopted3144
20871End Impunity in the PhilippinesPlenary AdoptedNew
20473Establish Committee on Disabilities MinistriesPlenary Adopted¶1327
20385GBGM AuthorityPlenary Adopted¶1304
20388GBGM Corporate OfficersPlenary Adopted¶1307
20389GBGM Elected StaffPlenary Adopted¶1308
20387GBGM Executive CommitteePlenary Adopted¶1306
20386GBGM IncorporationPlenary Adopted¶1305
20390GBGM Properties, Trusts, and AnnuitiesPlenary Adopted¶1310
20384GBGM ResponsibilitiesPlenary Adopted¶1302
20212Haiti Reconstruction and DevelopmentPlenary AdoptedNew
20651Health Care for Immigrant PopulationsPlenary Adopted¶1327
20321Holistic Strategy on Latin America and the CaribbeanPlenary AdoptedNon-Disc
20506KoreaPlenary AdoptedNew
20273Korean Ministry PlanPlenary AdoptedNon-Disc
20218National Cooperative Ministry LeadershipPlenary Adopted3101
20274National Plan for Hispanic/Latino MinistryPlenary AdoptedNon-Disc
20275Pacific Islander Ministry PlanPlenary AdoptedNon-Disc
20872Pursue Formal Peace TalkPlenary AdoptedNew
20957Religious LibertyPlenary RejectedNew
20519Relocation of GBGM HeadquartersCommittee
Not Supported
20222Rural and Urban Ministry PlanPlenary Adopted3411
20649Rural ChaplainsPlenary Adopted3396
20270Special Program on Substance Abuse and Related ViolencePlenary AdoptedNon-Disc
20217Steering CommitteePlenary Adopted3009
20360The AdvancePlenary Adopted¶821
20510Trail of Repentance and HealingPlenary AdoptedNew
20271UM Committee on Deaf and Hard of Hearing MinistriesPlenary AdoptedNon-Disc
20220UM Global AIDS FundPlenary Adopted3244
20394UMCORPlenary Adopted¶1327
20033UMW in the Annual ConferencePlenary Adopted¶647
20034UMW in the DistrictPlenary Adopted¶669
20032UMW in the JurisdictionPlenary Adopted¶536
21070Withdraw MembershipCommittee
Not Supported

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