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PetitionTitleSort AscendingStatusParagraph#
20900Add Disciple to Index of BODCommittee
Not Supported
20250Africana Hymnal DVD/CD SeriesPlenary AdoptedNon-Disc
20542Annotated UM HymnalCommittee
Not Supported
20255Authority of CRCPlenary Adopted¶1124
20751Becoming Multi-Cultural and Multi-Racial CongregationsPlenary AdoptedNon-Disc
20954Biblical LanguageCommittee
Not Supported
20231Black Family LifePlenary Adopted3061
20960Call for Alternative HymnalCommittee
Not Supported
20238Certified Lay Speaker Qualification ReviewPlenary Adopted¶268
20787Change WordingPlenary Adopted¶651
20251Curriculum and ResourcesPlenary Adopted¶1122
20247DeletionPlenary Adopted¶1125
20248DeletionPlenary Adopted¶1122
20249DeletionPlenary Adopted¶1125
20252DeletionPlenary Adopted¶1125
20253DeletionPlenary Adopted¶1125
20254DeletionPlenary Adopted¶1125
20239District Director of Lay Servant MinistriesPlenary Adopted¶667
20793Electronic Access to GuidelinesPlenary Referred¶1102
20600Gender Identity Theological Resource GroupCommittee
Not Supported
20242Grants for Ministries with Young PeoplePlenary Adopted¶1209
20912Hymnal InstructionsCommittee
Not Supported
20686Jurisdictional Youth MinistryPlenary Adopted¶533
21075Lay Servant MinistriesCommittee
Reject in Favor of
20931Lay SpeakingCommittee
Reject in Favor of
20235Lay Speaking Name ChangePlenary Adopted¶266
20240Lay Speaking Name ChangePlenary Adopted¶631
20229May as Christian Home MonthPlenary Adopted2025
20266Native American Comprehensive PlanPlenary AdoptedNon-Disc
21097Permit Use of BCE and CEPlenary Adopted¶1123
20621Pregnancy Resource CentersCommittee
Not Supported
20371Promotion of StewardshipPlenary Adopted¶1115
20230Putting Children and Their Families FirstPlenary Adopted2028
20109Re-Adopt "By Water and the Spirit"Plenary Adopted8013
20233Service of Certified Lay Speakers in the Local ChurchPlenary Adopted¶268
20232Service of Lay Servants in the Local ChurchPlenary Adopted¶267
20267Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st CenturyPlenary AdoptedNon-Disc
20246Teaching and Learning MinistriesPlenary Adopted¶1125
20002Teaching Worship StylesPlenary Adopted¶1114
20110This Holy MysteryPlenary Adopted8014
20692Weekly Holy CommunionCommittee
Not Supported

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