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Consent Calendar A05 Adopted.
Vote: 889 For; 20 Against
5/1/2012 8:29 AM
CalendarTitleSort AscendingStatusParagraph#
366"Incapacity" to "Medical" LeavePlenary Adopted¶357
225AbortionPlenary Adopted¶161
298AC Committee on Hispanic/Latino MinistriesPlenary Adopted¶600
247AC Health PlansPlenary Adopted¶639
241AC StructuresPlenary Adopted¶610
236Access to AC FloorPlenary Adopted¶605
229Access to Basic Health Care for AllPlenary Adopted¶162
269Agency and CT MembershipPlenary Adopted¶705
275Agency/Board Restructure - CRC Chair on GBOD Executive CommitteePlenary Adopted¶1125
274Agency/Board Restructure - CRC MembershipPlenary Adopted¶1127
273Agency/Board Restructure - DMYPPlenary Adopted¶1205
319Amend TitlePlenary Adopted¶232
234Annual Conference FlexibilityPlenary Adopted¶610
329Appointment of Deacons and Provisional DeaconsPlenary Adopted¶331
322Assessment of Local ChurchPlenary Adopted¶213
288BallotingPlenary Adopted¶713
235Bishop EvaluationPlenary Adopted¶524
267Board MembershipPlenary Adopted¶2003
278Board MembershipPlenary Adopted¶805
230Broadening the CirclePlenary Adopted¶162
313Campus Ministry CoordinatorPlenary Adopted¶254
323Campus Ministry NamesPlenary Adopted¶247
340Change Paragraph OrderPlenary Adopted¶314
320Churches in Transitional CommunitiesPlenary Adopted¶212
332Clergy from Other Methodist ChurchesPlenary Adopted¶347
331Clinical Pastoral EducationPlenary Adopted¶338
244COB SalariesPlenary Adopted¶817
268Commission on UMM MembershipPlenary Adopted¶2303
279Committee on Legal ResponsibilitiesPlenary Adopted¶805
346Complaint Process Revision: Administrative LocationPlenary Adopted¶300
348Complaint Process Revision: Administrative ProcessPlenary Adopted¶362
343Complaint Process Revision: Administrative ProcessPlenary Adopted¶334
306Complaint Process Revision: Charges and SpecificationsPlenary Adopted¶2706
350Complaint Process Revision: Conference Relations CommitteePlenary Adopted¶635
299Complaint Process Revision: Fair ProcessPlenary Adopted¶2701
344Complaint Process Revision: Involuntary LeavePlenary Adopted¶355
345Complaint Process Revision: Involuntary RetirementPlenary Adopted¶358
349Complaint Process Revision: Involuntary StatusPlenary Adopted¶363
341Complaint Process Revision: Provisional MembersPlenary Adopted¶327
342Complaint Process Revision: Refusal of AppointmentPlenary Adopted¶334
305Complaint Process Revision: Trial of ClergyPlenary Adopted¶2704
307Complaint Process Revision: Trial ProcessPlenary Adopted¶2708
369Composition of University SenatePlenary Adopted¶1414
296Conditional DonationsPlenary Adopted¶1305
253Conference Chancellors AssociationPlenary Adopted¶807
233Copies of JournalsPlenary Adopted¶606
335CorrectionPlenary Adopted¶354
256Covenant for Worldwide UMCPlenary Adopted¶100
248Data CollectionPlenary Adopted¶807
294Deaconess and Home MissionerPlenary Adopted¶1314
293Deaconess and Home MissionerPlenary Adopted¶1314
295Deaconess and Home MissionerPlenary Adopted¶1314
228Delete ReferencePlenary Adopted¶162
276DeletionPlenary Adopted¶705
281DeletionPlenary Adopted¶710
330DeletionPlenary Adopted¶331
302Designation of Discipline EditionPlenary Adopted¶2719
371District Superintendent RevisionPlenary Adopted¶419
246Efficiency in Operating SystemsPlenary Adopted¶807
237Election Date of DelegatesPlenary Adopted¶502
286Election of General SecretaryPlenary Adopted¶1502
239Electronic Access to ADCAPlenary Adopted¶507
240Electronic Access to DCAPlenary Adopted¶504
310Exclusion of WitnessesPlenary Adopted¶2710
221Food SafetyPlenary Adopted¶160
282GBGM MembershipPlenary Adopted¶1311
284GBGM Program AreasPlenary Adopted¶1313
227Genetic TechnologyPlenary Adopted¶162
257Global Book of DisciplinePlenary Adopted¶100
250Headquarters ReviewPlenary Adopted¶807
297Health Care for Immigrant PopulationsPlenary Adopted¶1327
337Honorable Location ReportsPlenary Adopted¶359
289Jurisdictional PoolPlenary Adopted¶705
361Lifetime Use of Mentors, Coaches, etc.Plenary Adopted¶349
316Local Church Board of Trustees VacanciesPlenary Adopted¶2530
315Local Church IncorporationPlenary Adopted¶2528
232Local Elder in MissionPlenary Adopted¶591
327Local Pastor Board EligibilityPlenary Adopted¶318
270Membership on the Division on Ministries with Young PeoplePlenary Adopted¶533
271Membership on the Division on Ministries with Young PeoplePlenary Adopted¶1207
226Mental HealthPlenary Adopted¶162
222Military ServicePlenary Adopted¶164
314Ministry of All the BaptizedPlenary Adopted¶220
321Ministry with the PoorPlenary Adopted¶212
311Notification and PublicationPlenary Adopted¶2612
252Official Church DataPlenary Adopted¶807
277Pan-Methodist and Full Communion RepresentativesPlenary Adopted¶705
333Part-Time Local Pastors as MentorsPlenary Adopted¶349
272Percentage on General Boards and AgenciesPlenary Adopted¶705
325Permanent Endowment and Planned GivingPlenary Adopted¶2533
326Procedure for Dismissal of DeaconsPlenary Adopted¶331
303Proceeding to TrialPlenary Adopted¶2706
224Promoting Restorative JusticePlenary Adopted¶165
243Promotion of StewardshipPlenary Adopted¶1115
328Provisional Member RetirementPlenary Adopted¶327
334Provisional Membership Time LimitPlenary Adopted¶354
223Public IndebtednessPlenary Adopted¶163
308Public Posting of Judicial Council RequestsPlenary Adopted¶2608
312Publish QuestionPlenary Adopted¶2610
287Puerto Rico Liaison RepresentativesPlenary Adopted¶705
231Racial and Ethnic GroupsPlenary Adopted¶162
339Readmission ProceduresPlenary Adopted¶366
338Readmission RequirementPlenary Adopted¶365
301Records of the Committee on InvestigationPlenary Adopted¶2706
300Request ProcedurePlenary Adopted¶2609
365RequirementsPlenary Adopted¶335
364RequirementsPlenary Adopted¶330
238Responsibility for Number of DelegatesPlenary Adopted¶502
336Retired Clergy ReportsPlenary Adopted¶358
251Review of Policies and Pay EquityPlenary Adopted¶807
249Review of Treasury BudgetsPlenary Adopted¶806
254Salary ArrearagePlenary Adopted¶624
242Service of Certified Lay Speakers in the Local ChurchPlenary Adopted¶268
285Standing Committee on Central Conference MattersPlenary Adopted¶2201
324Stewardship Focus of Finance CommitteePlenary Adopted¶258
356Study of MinistryPlenary Adopted¶338
355Study of MinistryPlenary Adopted¶337
354Study of MinistryPlenary Adopted¶329
351Study of MinistryPlenary Adopted¶315
352Study of MinistryPlenary Adopted¶321
353Study of MinistryPlenary Adopted¶326
360Study of MinistryPlenary Adopted¶635
358Study of MinistryPlenary Adopted¶300
359Study of MinistryPlenary Adopted¶354
357Study of MinistryPlenary Adopted¶349
255Supporting UM Candidates for MinistryPlenary Adopted¶816
309SuspensionPlenary Adopted¶2704
283The Advance Committee MembershipPlenary Adopted¶1312
317Title ChangePlenary Adopted¶226
291UMW in the Annual ConferencePlenary Adopted¶647
292UMW in the DistrictPlenary Adopted¶669
290UMW in the JurisdictionPlenary Adopted¶536
258UMW OrganizationPlenary Adopted¶1318
261UMW OrganizationPlenary Adopted¶1321
266UMW OrganizationPlenary Adopted¶1325
259UMW OrganizationPlenary Adopted¶1319
263UMW OrganizationPlenary Adopted¶1323
260UMW OrganizationPlenary Adopted¶1320
264UMW OrganizationPlenary Adopted¶1324
262UMW OrganizationPlenary Adopted¶1322
265UMW OrganizationPlenary Adopted¶1300
318Union ChurchesPlenary Adopted¶208
362Update Plan NamePlenary Adopted¶344
363Update Plan NamePlenary Adopted¶346
368Wesley FoundationsPlenary Adopted¶634
367Young Adult Elections to GCPlenary Adopted¶634
280Youth MembershipPlenary Adopted¶710

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