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Consent Calendar A04 Adopted.
Vote: 876 For; 37 Against
4/30/2012 8:39 AM
CalendarTitleSort AscendingStatusParagraph#
119AC Commission on Religion and RacePlenary Adopted¶643
92AccessibilityPlenary Adopted¶613
111Agency StaffPlenary Adopted¶713
88Allocation of Benefits CostsPlenary Adopted¶1504
56Animal LifePlenary Adopted¶160
104ApportionmentPlenary Adopted¶615
97Assisting Other Church EntitiesPlenary Adopted¶807
95Audit LanguagePlenary Adopted¶806
106AuditsPlenary Adopted¶810
83Authority of CRCPlenary Adopted¶1124
141Candidacy ProcessPlenary Adopted¶310
148Candidacy Time LimitPlenary Adopted¶312
153Central Conference Episcopal AreasPlenary Adopted¶404
72Certified Lay Speaker Qualification ReviewPlenary Adopted¶268
62Chancellor ElectionPlenary Adopted¶603
68Change WordingPlenary Adopted¶651
138Charge Conference AuthorityPlenary Adopted¶2528
110Clergy Appointment to General AgenciesPlenary Adopted¶714
152Clinical Pastoral EducationPlenary Adopted¶416
85Committee MembershipPlenary Adopted¶1502
127Communications ContentPlenary Adopted¶1806
126Communications PartnershipsPlenary Adopted¶1806
131Complaint Process Revision: Administrative Review CommitteePlenary Adopted¶636
132Complaint Process Revision: Remove Ineffectiveness from Judicial ComplaintPlenary Adopted¶2702
65Composite PetitionsPlenary Adopted¶507
101Conference Funding PlansPlenary Adopted¶1506
79Curriculum and ResourcesPlenary Adopted¶1122
116Deaconess and Home MissionerPlenary Adopted¶1317
115Deaconess and Home MissionerPlenary Adopted¶1316
114Deaconess and Home MissionerPlenary Adopted¶1314
78DeletionPlenary Adopted¶1125
80DeletionPlenary Adopted¶1125
82DeletionPlenary Adopted¶1125
77DeletionPlenary Adopted¶1122
76DeletionPlenary Adopted¶1125
103DeletionPlenary Adopted¶807
81DeletionPlenary Adopted¶1125
107Disclosure of RecordingPlenary Adopted¶721
73District Director of Lay Servant MinistriesPlenary Adopted¶667
142Division of Ordained MinistryPlenary Adopted¶1421
112Ecumenical RelationshipsPlenary Adopted¶2401
96End Pro-Choice Political ExpendituresPlenary Adopted¶806
57Energy Resources UtilizationPlenary Adopted¶160
93Episcopal Fund ApportionmentPlenary Adopted¶614
98Episcopal Health PlansPlenary Adopted¶817
94Episcopal ResidencePlenary Adopted¶638
60FinancePlenary Adopted¶163
58Food JusticePlenary Adopted¶160
149FTLP on Conference BOMPlenary Adopted¶635
140FTLP on DCOMPlenary Adopted¶665
108General Agency Funding PlansPlenary Adopted¶714
109General Agency Health PlansPlenary Adopted¶714
120General Secretary ElectionPlenary Adopted¶2006
99Gift VouchersPlenary Adopted¶823
59Graft and CorruptionPlenary Adopted¶163
67Grants for Ministries with Young PeoplePlenary Adopted¶1209
90Health and Welfare Ministries Relationship StatementsPlenary Adopted¶2500
117Heritage LandmarksPlenary Adopted¶1712
105Housing Grants for Episcopal AreasPlenary Adopted¶817
139Income-Based Apportionment FormulaPlenary Adopted¶247
84Jurisdictional Youth MinistryPlenary Adopted¶533
74Lay Speaking Name ChangePlenary Adopted¶631
89Name of Corporate TrusteePlenary Adopted¶1504
86Name of Corporate TrusteePlenary Adopted¶1503
155Number of BishopsPlenary Adopted¶404
135Objections and Rulings on RecordPlenary Adopted¶2710
63Ordination in Missionary ConferencesPlenary Adopted¶588
137P(S)PRCPlenary Adopted¶258
123Pan-Methodist Title ChangePlenary Adopted¶625
136PenaltiesPlenary Adopted¶2711
102Pension Provisions Moved from Discipline to CRSPPlenary Adopted¶1506
70Permit Use of BCE and CEPlenary Adopted¶1123
125Public Relations StrategyPlenary Adopted¶1806
64Puerto RicoPlenary Adopted¶583
118Relationships with Public MediaPlenary Adopted¶1806
129Resource CoordinationPlenary Adopted¶1806
128Resources and DatabasesPlenary Adopted¶1806
143Retired Clergy CompensationPlenary Adopted¶358
91Risk ManagementPlenary Adopted¶613
71Service of Lay Servants in the Local ChurchPlenary Adopted¶267
122Sexual EthicsPlenary Adopted¶2103
121Staff ElectionPlenary Adopted¶2108
130Strategic FunctionPlenary Adopted¶1806
147Students Appointed as Local PastorsPlenary Adopted¶318
146Study of MinistryPlenary Adopted¶303
144Study of MinistryPlenary Adopted¶300
145Study of MinistryPlenary Adopted¶301
133SuspensionPlenary Adopted¶2704
134SuspensionPlenary Adopted¶2704
75Teaching and Learning MinistriesPlenary Adopted¶1125
66Teaching Worship StylesPlenary Adopted¶1114
151Transition from One Order to AnotherPlenary Adopted¶309
100UM InsigniaPlenary Adopted¶807
124UMM ExpensesPlenary Adopted¶2303
150Update Duties of BOMPlenary Adopted¶635
87Update Plan NamePlenary Adopted¶1504

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